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309 Park Ave
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Baba Sushi ranked #9 out of the "Top 100 Restaurants in the U.S."

Owner and chef master of Baba Sushi, Wilson Wang, has been awarded 9th place at the annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurant Awards Show in Santa Clara, California. Baba Sushi also took home one of the most desired awards at the event, "Top 10 Overall Excellence, Asian Restaurants." The award show, attended by more than 300 renowned restaurateurs and master chefs, is hosted every year by the Chinese Restaurant News and the Chinese Restaurant Foundation.

Before the award show in January, a "secret diner" is sent to all of the nominated restaurants to see if they qualify for the competition. Baba Sushi had to meet the convention's strict guidelines in order to rank on criteria such as: food, decor, service, cleanliness and value. Although Wilson had no idea they were being considered for the award show, he and the entire restaurant staff were extremely excited when they received new about the award. In addition to receiving these awards, Wilson also enjoyed his time at the California convention speaking with other top Asian chefs about their favorite culinary experiments and industry trends.

The restaurantís newest medal and trophy add to the list of numerous noted competitions that Wilson has won since opening Baba in 2007 and are proudly on display at the restaurant. View some photos of the event:



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