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309 Park Ave
Worcester, MA 01609


BABA Testimonials

Haven't eaten at BABA Sushi yet? Find out what other sushi fanatics are saying about Worcester's hottest restaurant.

As we were being seated, I slipped a small note to your staff to paint hearts in sauce on the plate around our sushi plate as a surprise to my boyfriend. Luckily, I had a great waiter who made the surprise happen discretely. We ordered the sushi which is always delicious. When it was brought out, it was arranged in the shape of a heart that was glowing in the center with a beautiful orchid on top. My boyfriend and I were surprised! I appreciate everyone who made it so beautiful, and a moment to remember. Thanks to the waiter who helped me let my boyfriend know just how special he is! I will keep coming back here, because the staff and the food is always 5 stars.
Jessica B - June, 2011
Had an amazing experience last night! We dined late, however our server never seemed to be rushed or bothered that we were taking our time. The food was such a wonderful treat! My husband tried sushi for the first time and has already suggested we dine at baba again... Soon! The ambiance is such a welcomed escape from the " Worcester" norm. We are still very happy with our entire experience at baba! We have plans to take our family to baba and enrich their taste buds too! Thank you to all of the staff at BABA for bringing back the sensation of cuisine !
Katie R. - June, 2011
With 2 little kids, my husband and I do not get out that often. We made it to your restaurant last night and I just want to say that we had such an amazing experience. The food was beautiful and delicious. It was by far some of the best sushi we have ever had. We will be making date night more of a priority with Baba's at the top of the list!
Michelle Allen - March 26, 2011
Very nice lunch today.
Bob Vogt - April, 2011
Amazing sushi, great service and friendly staff... truly a memorable dining experience. Great sushi is hard to find, but is as close as Park Ave. in Worcester. As a self professed sushi connoisseur and addict Baba sushi is as close to perfection as one will find!! Can't wait to go back.
Stephen G - April 2010
I am in love with BABA. My first sushi experience was BABA, I have been hooked ever since! I highly recommend it to everyone. If you want the best sushi in town, BABA is the place to go. Crown Maki, Godzilla Roll, and the Lion King are my personal favorite!
Allison A - March 2010
Just excellent!! This is the best place I have every been for sushi, I loved the volcano maki, amazing. I just want more sushi. The place inside has a nice atmosphere, lounge like.
Rocio - November 2009
Thank you Wilson. You always treat your customers like family. I can not wait until we come back. I am always happy to recommend your restaurant. You are the perfect host.
Paul - April 2009
Baba. Yum. I'm drooling for more. Sushi wa totemo oishii neeeee! That means, the sushi is very delicious. We had seaweed salad in a cute martini glass and some drinks. For our entree, we split four rolls- the crown maki roll (really different with a soy wrapper), the peacock maki, the scorpion roll, and some kind of hand roll my husband ordered and ate with salmon. All the rolls were aesthetically pleasing, fresh, and very tasty. For dessert, I had the fried green tea ice cream. I wish there had been more ice cream and less whipped cream and cherry juice; green tea is one of my favorite flavors. The service was speedy enough and I enjoyed the dark ambiance. We'll be back again very soon!
Greta K - April 2009
Just went there for a weekday lunch and had a great meal. We tried the day's special dessert of strawberry and blueberry friend dough with banana sauce and it was divine. Pros: Creative rolls like the Angel Roll (with lobster and sweet potato) and the Rock 'n Roll (with tempura shrimp), fast service, fresh sushi
Linda S - March 2009
I've been here perhaps five times for sushi and BABA never disappoints. They offer the best sushi in Worcester, and could easily hold its own in Boston and elsewhere. The ingredients are top-notch and flavorful. The fish is always fresh and never has any fishy odor; it is pretty impressive to find this caliber of sushi grade fish in Worcester. The service is usually good; the wait staff is friendly and fairly quick. The manager greats guests and recognizes familiar faces. Overall, BABA offers a great dining experience; I recommend it to anyone looking for great sushi in the area.
Ryan G - February 2009
Baba sushi is AWESOME! I'm not the biggest fan of sushi, but their rolls are delicious. My boyfriend and i love to get the dragon roll and the tempura is excellent (the mushrooms in particular). Actually, now when we get there, we just order tempura mushrooms! their teriyaki sauce is also really good, but it's very different from the typical teriyaki sauce you see everywhere else. I came from California and have been complaining about limited food options here in Worcester, but I really love this place!
Angela D - January 2009
My fiance popped the question to me at Baba in March. It was the site of one of our first dates and has been our favorite restaurant ever since. Wilson and his staff are friendly, polite and attentive and we always feel like home when we walk through the doors. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is just right any night of the week. Thanks to everyone at baba!
Cyndi R - December 2008
Everything was fabulous! the best sushi place in massachusetts.. in my opinion:)
Tess G - December 2008
You guys are unbelievable!!!! I lived most of my life in the Boston area and thought I would always have to go back out that way for good sushi. UNTIL I was introduced to BABA!!! You guys are better than the Boston area sushi places. LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT BABA!!!! But please get a bigger place.
Andria - October 2008
Amazing! Now I live in a place that has NO good sushi, but I lived in the Boston area long enough to know what it tastes like, and this place is it. They also do some wonderful and interesting twists on traditional sushi. My favorite was Godzilla Roll (Spicy Tuna, banana tempura, nori wrap with Baba's eel sauce). It was hot (a surprise, not that it should have been with tempura in it), but simply delicious. Wonderful crunch, sweet and savory in harmony and just perfectly seasoned. No soy or wasabi needed. Overall just a great experience and I would go back in a heartbeat.
Scott M - October 2008
Umm i live in california and this is the best sushi i've ever had. Seriously. There's some butternut squash roll in there that will change your life...I was home for a week and went here three times. can't wait to go back.
Carly T - August 2008
The sushi is absolutely amazing! My husband and I love to try new things every time we go, and it is always delicious! It is our favorite place in Worcester to go for sushi.
Greta G - July 2008
I have been to many different sushi restaurants. Baba Sushi is exceptional. I brought my wife here for a romantic night dinner out. We ordered the godzilla (to die for), the dragonfly roll (delicious) and 4 pieces of unagi (the best I have ever tasted.) We were considering more sushi, but decided to split an entree to see if Baba was equally good with entrees. Thee salmon with asparagus was prepared just perfectly. The salmon was cooked perfectly with a very nice marinade. The asparagus were large fresh pieces, not overcooked (with a little crunch, the way they should be.) And the rice was moist and hot with ground peanuts on top. Very, very good. I had read the people that commented on the banana flambé. It was just unbelievable. Soooo goood!

If you are in Worcester.. go to this place!
Brian P - April 2008
One of the best sushi places I've ever been to. We sat at the bar and despite being super busy, our sushi chef chatted with's a nice intimate setting. The decor inside is very hip with nice dark granite and funky furniture. The yellow tail and spicey tuna I ate were really good. I can't wait to go back.
Dan M - April 2008
Amazing sushi in Worcester. Great staff and intimate setting. I was here for lunch and loved it.I would highly recommend for eating out in the suburbs with a not that high of a cost- and less driving time.
Alex H - April 2008
What more can I say to heap praises upon this little gem of a restaurant? Succulent, fresh sushi creations that rival those from even your mama's favorite sushi bars. (Yes, even my beloved Hamano Sushi in Noe Valley, no less can be included in this list!). Subdued, hip interior, friendly and attentive staff. Happy customers!
Definitely a keeper!
Johnny B - February 2008
Wow! Baba Sushi is like the couture of sushi in Boston. I loooove how fresh everything was, so beautifully presented and these really creative and unique makis. DELICIOUS!!! My favorite was the has banana tempura in it YUM!!! I am now a HUUUUGE fan and will be coming back here hopefully many many times!!!
Tiffany D - December 2007
Certainly the best sushi i've ever had, period (my mouth is seriously watering just thinking about the place). This has definitely become the new Worcester hot spot! I went with a group of five all together on a Wednesday night and we had a wait! Not hard to believe after tasting the deliciousness they had to offer.
Molly R - August 2007
Small and intimate - BaBa was recommended by a friend when I was in the Worcester area. It didn't disappoint. The sushi chefs were a delight to watch as they made our food @ the sushi bar...I got the spicy salmon and crunch maki rolls as well as an udon vegetable plate. For dessert my girlfriend had the green tea ice cream. I HIGHLY recommend it. The ice cream was fried and I think they sprinkle it with "awesomeness" - it was that good. The food had excellent presentation and tasted even better...We had a great time and even though we live an hour away - I plan on visiting as much as I can when I make it out to Central Mass.
Kyle B - July 2007




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